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What is a Right to Work ID Check?

A Right to Work ID Check is used to prevent illegal working and involves checking documents to ensure compliance with Home Office guidance. We use the latest technology and digital solutions to make our checks easy to use.

These checks are essential to protect employers and employees against illegal migration and labour market abuse. This includes tax evasion, breaches of the national minimum wage and, in the most serious cases, the exploitation of vulnerable people and modern slavery.

There are a range of punishments for non-compliance with the law. You can be sent to jail for up to five years and face an unlimited fine if you knowingly employ someone who didn’t have the right to work in the UK, or even if you had reasonable cause to believe they weren’t allowed to work. You can also face civil penalties of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker you employ if you don’t carry out checks or do them properly.


Eligibility for Right to Work ID Checks

All employers in the UK are responsible for ensuring their employees have the right to work. This applies to your permanently or temporarily contracted employees, those on apprenticeships and prospective applicants.

Our bespoke service isn’t limited to a specific industry. We’re suited to all sorts of employers, from SMEs to multinational corporations, who require smart solutions.

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Benefits of Right to Work ID Checks with us

Carrying out employment screening is important for safeguarding. We help you save time, money and resources. You’ll also enjoy a range of other benefits:

Make safer recruitment decisions and vet staff to a higher standard.

Build trust in your organisation and amongst your community.

Receive accurate reports and have peace of mind in your recruitment decisions.

Meet your resource demands with our fast-track vetting system.

Increase staff retention by appointing the right people in the right places.

Receive advice to perform the right level of check and meet industry standards.

Our process

Our process is accessible and straightforward thanks to our bespoke system. As an Umbrella Body of the DBS, we provide a reliable and efficient service that can be tailored to your needs.

We go above and beyond to provide first-class customer care, and one-to-one expert advice is available every step of the way from our dedicated and accredited team.


Easy and free registration

You can set up an account in a matter of minutes, submit applications on our user-friendly portal and manage checks on your dashboard.


Applying for checks

To ensure efficiency, our team will use their expertise to check your applications. We will make sure the information is accurate and valid.


Receive your results

You will be notified when the results are ready. Our fast turnaround provides confirmation of your checks and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In all cases, Right to Work Checks should be completed before an applicant’s employment starts. There’s no restriction on when the check may be performed. For example, it could be performed immediately before the employment starts, including on the same day.

If an employer has an applicant they want to employ, it’s the applicant’s responsibility to provide the right evidence of their right to work. As an employer, you can keep the job open for as long as you want but you’re not obliged to if you need to recruit someone quickly.

If you’re not satisfied that the evidence belongs to the applicant or you believe it is false or forged, you should not employ them.

Employers must keep clear copies of documents and evidence for the duration of the individual’s employment and for a further two years after they leave the employer. As a responsible employer, you should keep these securely in line with data protection requirements. It’s advised that you date the copies and you should be able to produce them quickly if they’re requested.

To complete Right to Work ID Checks, you need to register with us and set up the applicant on our system. Our system is integrated with Credas. It sends an invitation for applicants to download a smartphone application and login using registration codes. They will be asked to take a ‘selfie.’ The ID Check system uses facial recognition technology, called Liveness Verification, to confirm that the self-taken picture is a real person. Then it will be ask the applicant to upload the documents requested by the employer. Please note: This service can’t be used in place of original sighting of documents. You will still need to see the applicant’s original documents.

Supporting services

Our additional services can be used alongside ID Checks to provide comprehensive compliance and piece of mind.

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