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Ways to make a complaint

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Our complaints procedure

  • If you have a complaint please get in touch with your Checks Direct contact in the first instance so that we can try to resolve your complaint informally. If the complaint is against your contact, or you do not feel comfortable raising it with that person, we can provide you with the contact details of their manager or supervisor – email us at [email protected].
  • If we have been unable to resolve your complaint or you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may wish to raise a formal complaint. Please put your complaint in writing to your Checks Direct contact, or email [email protected].
  • We will acknowledge your complaint within five working days of receipt.
  • We will then record your complaint on our central system, and begin investigating your concerns.
  • We will respond to all formal complaints as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of all parties concerned, ensuring we are acting consistently, fairly, and professionally at all times. Please note that all complaints will be treated confidentially (in accordance with the Data Protection Act), but note that complaints of a very serious nature may need to be referred to relevant external regulatory bodies if applicable.
  • If you are not happy with the outcome, or a resolution has not been achieved, you may appeal our decision.
  • Appeals must be sent in writing and sent to the Legal Director, Andrew Stocks [email protected]
  • Once the investigation has been completed, we will respond to you in writing with our findings.

  • If your complaint is upheld, we will get in touch to ensure you are satisfied with the resolution.
  • We will regularly review and improve our complaints procedure as part of our commitment to Quality Assurance and ISO 9001 certification.

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