What We Request

Direct referrals to businesses that have a requirement that Checks Direct can facilitate through any of the following services:

  • Checks – Employment Screening / Background Checks
  • e-Learning – Safeguarding / Health & Safety / Childcare & Education
  • On-site Training – Physical Intervention & Restraint Training / Ladder Safety Training and more.
Business woman with clipboard

Target Industries

We work with businesses of any size across all sectors however, there are several industries we’re particularly familiar with:

  • Education – All levels
  • Care – Child & Vulnerable Adults
  • Professional Services (Legal, Financial, etc.)
  • Sports / Coaching / Clubs.
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Referral Sources

  • Contacts in other industry verticals
  • Contacts on LinkedIn
  • Contacts from networking groups
  • Contacts in similar industry, outside your catchment area.
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What we are offering

Our Promise

We will promptly & professionally follow up on all referrals you provide.

We will endeavour to provide reciprocal referrals at every opportunity.

We will not request introductions into your direct competitor(s).


*£250 Credit applied to your account


**£250 Amazon voucher


Reciprocal referrals/business


Introductions to potential strategic partners

Start your referral partnership

If you aren’t already a client of ours, register your organisation with us today and start benefiting from our partnership.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

£250, once the client has processed 25 checks.

1 month in arrears from when payment for the 25th check is received from the client.

Checks Direct’s Team Manager will manage all referrals.

We use our CRM and Portal to manage our sales channels.

An email introduction is required which should include a brief description of the service(s) applicable & a contact number.

*Credit will be awarded for business closed won only, with a value greater than £1,250.

**£250 Amazon or other gift-voucher or equal value Referral Partnership.