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Our training is suitable for new and existing colleagues. It covers everything from successful onboarding and inductions to ongoing training to stay up to date on all the key areas such as Data Protection, Health and Safety, and mental health training.

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Safeguarding, Handling Information, Childcare and Education, Financial Crime, People Skills, Health & Safety

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As you’re part of the Checks Direct community, you can access over 70 training courses for only £10 (+VAT) per user licence.

This gives you access until 31 May 2022.

This offer only available during December. It’s a massive saving compared to the usual £15 per user just for one month.

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  • All courses are approved by the CPD Accreditation Service and, where applicable, RoSPA.
  • Central administration – the personalised dashboard for your company means less chasing for updates.
  • Personalised certificates – downloadable certificates come with every course.

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