Announcements 05/04/2022

Fees for DBS Checks to be reduced

The Checks Direct team are sat at a table and having a conversation about DBS Check fees.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is reducing fees for DBS Checks. 

These changes in price will come into effect from Wednesday 6 April 2022. They are applicable for the three main types of DBS Checks; Basic, Standard, and Enhanced. 

Samantha Marriott, Manager of Checks Direct, said:

“We really care about providing peace of mind to organisations and doing so with the most cost-effective solutions. We welcome the decision by the DBS to reduce its fees, and it’s important to be clear that these savings will be passed on in full to those who use our services. This is especially helpful for organisations in the current climate, with many other costs rising in a number of areas nationwide.” 

To explain what these changes mean for you and your organisation, we’ve answered some of the most common questions below. 

What are the new reduced fees for DBS Checks?

We will update our system overnight, so it’s ready and reflective of the new fees on Wednesday 6 April 2022. The prices you see on the Checks Direct website and portal include our administrative fee.

The new reduced fees for DBS Checks are as follows.

DBS Fees
Type of DBS Check Current fee Fee from 6 April 2022
Basic DBS Check £23 £18
Standard DBS Check £23 £18
Enhanced DBS Check £40 £38


Checks Direct Fees
Type of DBS Check Current fee Fee from 6 April 2022
Basic DBS Check £35 £30
Standard DBS Check £35 £30
Enhanced DBS Check £52 £50


Why has the DBS reduced fees for DBS Checks? 

A recent review of the DBS found that the organisation has improved its efficiency. As a result, the DBS has decided to pass the savings on to the people who use its services. 

Eric Robinson, CEO of the DBS, said:

“We aim to offer good value for money to our customers and, after a review, we are pleased to be able to reduce the fees for DBS Checks. The change in fees reinforces our commitment to providing high quality, reliable, consistent, timely, and accessible services.” 

The decision to reduce fees for DBS Checks was approved by the UK Parliament on 16 March 2022. 

Will the fees change for other DBS Checks and services? 

In short, no. Fees will stay the same for other DBS Checks and services, such as the DBS Update Service, Adult First Checks and Volunteer DBS Checks. 

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